16-åringen Madeon tok bloggene med storm når låten hans Shuriken ble spredd på nettet. Vil du vite mer om geniet, les vårt eksklusive intervju med franskmannen.

To start off, who are you, where are you from, and what kind of music do you make? Brief introduction to our readers.
I’m Madeon, I’m from France and as a result I’m genetically forced to produce house music. My style is a blend of pop, house and electro.

How did you start producing music?
I came across Daft Punk’s album Discovery when I was eleven and was absolutely fascinated by it. I started messing with audio software until settling upon FL Studio, which I still use today. I later got into The Beatles who made me love pop music.

Do you only produce music, or do you DJ as well?
I recently got into DJing, it’s a very fun way to interact with music, but i like to play around with unusual setups. I think there is lot of room for cool ideas in electronic music performance. I haven’t performed in front of a live audience yet but i am planning to at some point this year.

Sources of inspiration?
Musically, I’m very influenced by the UK pop scene, producers and acts like Stuart Price, Sam Sparro, Starsmith, Alphabeat, Calvin Harris and many more.
My friend Porter Robinson also had an impact on my vision of music, he introduced me to detailed, intricate music (Wolfgang Gartner, Skrillex, etc).

In terms of production, what are your strongest sides?
I would say my strongest side is maybe my focus on detail. I like to put a lot of small melodies and ideas into my music.

About ”Shuriken”, a track that immediately became a favourite among several of our bloggers, how did this particular track come together?
Shuriken was a very interesting project. It was originally a project that I was really unsatisfied with. I was listening to a lot of electro-house music at the time and decided to try to transpose some of the concepts of such tracks in a melodic house environment. I started chopping my instruments up and making dozens of really short riffs to create Shuriken’s hook. I really wanted to make an instrumental song that would be as entertaining as a vocal one, so structuring the track was challenging.

Do you have any new projects going on that we should be aware of?
Tons! I just finished two remixes, so I’ll be focusing on original material for a while, and I’ll be collaborating with singers. I hope to release a lot of music this year.

Who are your idols?
Thomas Bangalter, Paul McCartney, Stuart Price, Brandon Flowers and Max Martin come to mind.

Hopes and dreams for the future?
To create and release more music that get’s people excited. I’d like to make an album at one point, producing a coherent twelve song record must be a fascinating project.

Vi beklager den tidligere skriveleifen i ingressen. Madeon er 16, ikke 18.